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Lintao for Bayonne City Council At-Large

The unconventional Bayonne politician. Proactive modern day solutions for modern day issues.

Carissa is an independent voice born & raised in Bayonne, NJ.


Growing up as a Filipino-American homeschooler gave her vast exposure to many groups of people and activities around the city.

After the pandemic hit, Carissa realized that she needed to give back to her hometown. She wanted to modernize small businesses and become a voice of reason within the community.

As a serial entrepreneur, she has created successful ventures such as Apptuitive and TEDxBayonne which have gotten her featured on TEDx, PBS, Forbes, CNBC, and more.

Being the youngest person to run for City Council At-Large, Carissa is ready to go above and beyond to accelerate the city's growth. 


Small Business Growth

Carissa is dedicated to fueling the growth of the city's small business community.


However, her main focus isn't high-level operations or finance. It's supporting & encouraging the entrepreneurs operating behind the scenes.

Providing Access & Transparency 

The Bayonne community deserves more transparency into key issues and community related happenings via informative social media updates from credible sources on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.


Prioritizing Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian deaths in the U.S. surged 46% over past decade. Street safety is a life or death matter, especially in New Jersey. 


The roads of Bayonne need to be safer for pedestrians and optimized for the new wave of commuter transportation: bikes, e-scooters, e-unicycles, etc.

Helping Sports & Arts Programs Thrive

As a second-degree brown belt, Bayonne Cal Ripken MVP, and former music educator, Carissa understands the value of organized sports & the arts first-hand.

Both promote well-being, critical thinking, and hard work. 

Keeping these programs affordable, accessible, & advertised is key to raising the next generation. 


Library Development

Carissa built an award-winning company at-home and also in the library during her formative years.

The library is the pinnacle of knowledge. Which is why Carissa will push for modernizing the city's landmark. 

From co-working spaces, studios, game rooms, art galleries, events, and more.


Phone: 917-200-0356
Telegram: Carissa Lintao

Instagram: @carissajaade
Twitter: @carissajaade


🚨 I need signed petitions from 440 registered Bayonne voters by March 7.

How you can help? Allow me 10 seconds of your time for a written signature.


I'll come to you, just let me know when & where via text, email, or social! 🙏 



Thanks for submitting!

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